Techno-Shaman Audiobook 4!

SPP-audiobook-cover-300x300The Always Awesome Aurora de Blas (I’m just going to start referring to her as AAA) has created yet another incredible performance. 

As Livvy and SK trek deep into the heart of the Maya jungle, you’ll hear a couple of my two, new, most favoritist audio characters: the imperious Lady Balam and the youthful apprentice, Kisa. I’d ask Aurora how she manages to create such fabulously different and in-depth people, but I don’t want the spell to be broken! Ha! 

So, as you begin your listen, buckle your seatbelt and get out your tissues. Aurora hits the ground running, and yet never misses a chance to dig deep. All of the characters feel like they’re in the room with you.

Have I mentioned how ridiculously lucky I am that she’s narrating this series?

Would you like a test drive? Here’s the entire first chapter free!


Chapter 1 of Shaman, Priestess, Pawn at Soundcloud.


The 8 Hour Unabridged Audiobook is available at the following:

Amazon | Audible | iTunes