The Latest Audiobook Is Out!

SSS-audiobook-300x300Woohoo! I swear, I think I celebrate an audiobook release harder than I do a book. What gargantuan amounts of work and talent go into one of these babies!

Once again Celia Aurora de Blas brings fiction to such vivid life that I feel like I’m back visiting the Hopi mesas. It never occurred to me as I wrote Shaman, Sister, Sorceress what a difficult task I would be setting for a narrator. It was the furthest thing from my mind. Otherwise, why would I have a Hopi word like “Kookyangwwuuti” in there, right? Why would I put a grandfather and granddaughter in the same scene as our heroine and three other adults? Why would I have male shamans galore? If I could have made this harder to make into an audiobook, I don’t know how.

But that’s where Aurora shines. She makes it seem like child’s play, like it rolls off her without her breaking a sweat. Some of my all-time favorite audiobook scenes are in this latest release. I’m not going to offer up spoilers though. You’ll just have to listen and see for yourself.

Available for purchase this very instant!

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