First Draft of Book 2 Done

cigarThe very first, raw draft of the second book in the White World series is officially in the can. Taking into account the¬†rewrites I’m about to start, plus two editorial rounds (and their rewrites), I’m still on target for a late spring release. Though it’s still months from being a completed book, I always take a moment at the end of the very first draft, though generally just a moment.

The first draft pours out at breakneck speed, sometimes as fast as I can type. In these new bunch of upcoming rewrites before I send it off to my literary editor, there’ll likely be several moments of me wondering who in the hell wrote what I’m reading. I often have no recollection of the text itself, only images of the scenes and characters.

As fun as I find the first draft, it’s the rewrites I really enjoy. So here’s to starting them and putting another first draft behind me.