Two Cool Things

But one is way cooler than the other.

First, the second draft of the fifth book in the techno-shaman series is more than half done now. I’m eyeing that beta reader list and rubbing my hands together. I’m still on track for a summer release and the cover art has been ordered.

Second, you have to check this out. Reader Paul Serge has created fan art. I can’t tell you how cool this is! He’s created techno-shaman goggles!

Shaman Goggles only front 1

If you click on the link or the glasses above you’ll see he’s also modeled the inside of a network box and you can see the goggles from a side view too. Wow. This completely amazes me. I’m totally digging the steampunk vibe to it. Thank you, Paul, for being so generous with your time, so imaginative with your art, and for letting me share this with everybody.

I’m an awful lucky writer.