Shaman Priestess Pawn Cover
An Olivia Lawson Techno-Shaman Novel Book Four

In the heartland of the ancient Maya, techno-shaman Olivia Lawson isn’t just an oddity, she’s an outcast. Despite having trekked through the jungle to find shamans thought to be extinct, Livvy finds the ultra-clandestine group not just closed but downright hostile. To her surprise though, their interest in SK borders on obsession.

Soon the pair discover that their hosts harbor not only secrets but also treachery. Plans hide within plans as Livvy’s search for knowledge goes inexplicably awry. The only constant is SK, but to Livvy’s horror, their journey triggers an unexpected odyssey for him.

What began as the pursuit of wisdom quickly descends into a race for survival. Driven to find her own path, Livvy must accept the fact that change isn’t just hard, it’s deadly.

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