Shaman Healer HereticSHAMAN, HEALER, HERETIC
An Olivia Lawson Techno-Shaman Novel Book One

Even for a techno-shaman, a kachina in the bedroom isn’t exactly part of the drill. When Olivia Lawson wakes to find one towering over her, she panics. A Hopi god visiting the real world isn’t just wrong–it’s impossible.

Or is it?

Soon Olivia learns that the kachina is the least of her worries. As she struggles to save her clients, clashes with other shamans, and fends off the attacks of real-world vigilantes, Olivia finds herself in the destructive path of a malevolent ancient force intent on leaving the spiritual realm to conquer this one.

Left with few options, Olivia is forced to defy centuries of shaman prohibitions. As she and her allies risk everything in their bid for survival, Olivia ultimately learns that the rules are there for a reason and that breaking them has a terrible cost.

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“This book has you asking “What?” on every page — but in a good way. …Livvy, SK, and the shaman culture are interesting. This book could easily open a fresh new world of urban fantasy.” – Publishers Weekly

Shaman Healer Heretic is a fast paced read in an original setting, recommended.” – Midwest Book Review

What Readers Are Saying About Shaman, Healer, Heretic:

I absolutely LOVED this book! It was such a different kind of mystery/thriller than I normally read. I just loved the shaman angle of the book.

— Angels R Kids/Furkids, Amazon

A Kachina, Sumerian gods, spirit helpers, shamans, the multiverse, and an orange cat named Nacho. What is not to love about this book?

— Glenn Skinner, Amazon

I just finished “Shaman, Healer, Heretic” – the first book in the Techno-Shaman series by M. Terry Green. I LOVED this book! It was unique and different from everything else I read in Urban Fantasy so far. I’ve read a lot about vampires, ghosts, shapeshifters … you know… the usual – but a techno-shaman that uses technologically enhanced goggles? How cool is that?

— Bookworm, Amazon