The Final Audiobook Is Here!

Oh, people!

It’s the end of the series all over again, and Celia Aurora de Blas went all out. What a fitting and amazing end for Livvy, SK, Min and the entire techno-shaman crew. If you’re half as pleased as I am, you’ll be over the moon for this last audiobook. If you’ve been waiting for the end of the series before diving into the beginning, dive away.

Of course it’s a bittersweet moment. Not just because it’s the finish of Livvy’s story, but also because Aurora won’t be sending me new chapters. Her performance elevated this series, lifting it to emotional and creative levels that astounded me. When we began the audiobooks I had no idea how completely Aurora would own the story and the characters. They’re simply not the same anymore. What a revelation, and also what a joy it’s been. I’m so lucky.

Shaman Lover Warrior Audiobook

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3 Comments on “The Final Audiobook Is Here!”

  1. Dear Ms. Green, hello, how have you been? I’ve kept up with your latest updates, and hope the audio books do well. I was just wondering if you’ve decided on your next project yet. Will you be expanding either Olivia’s or 13’s storylines? Or developing new characters? Whatever you decide, I’m hopefully first in line for the next work. Please keep us posted. I don’t want to miss it. At any rate stay well and keep busy. (Just being selfish) Oh, look, an emoticon, I wonder if 15th century authors looked upon punctuation the same as I do emoticons. ? I mean, really they (punctuation marks) were the first emoticons, weren’t they? I know when I was reading to my children, and dabbling in local theater, I could have used some better, well… stage directions as to how to change voice inflection and things like that when speaking an author’s words. The Spanish language kind of does that- they use an inverted question mark or exclamation point at the beganning of a new thuoght, to signify a change of infection coming. Kind of helpful to the reader. Do you see emoticons doing that in the future?

    Any way, I hope to see whatever you have in store for us soon. Thanks, Ron

    1. Hey Ron! Nice to hear from you! I don’t have any hard deadlines or plans for the coming year, except to write more of Thirteen’s story. When the next book or books is loosed upon the world, you can be assured that I’ll be letting you know.

      I have a rude web site not to support emoticons! Frankly, I’m becoming emoticon addicted. I hope they stick around. That winkie one has probably saved me from insulting people more times than I can count. :)

      Anyway, good to hear from you, and I hope all is well in your part of the Multiverse!


  2. Um, there was an emoticon :) in the paranthises in the middle of the message but your site must not support it. I didn’t want to look spacy by referring to something that wasn’t there, so I’m explaining now. Sorry, poor editing on my part.

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