Excerpt from Shattered

Today, courtesy of┬áthe New Podler Review, there’s an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released novel Shattered, the third book in the White World trilogy.


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  1. Ronald Dukarski

    I’ve rea the exerpt, it’s a good teaser. But Ms Green, WHEN’S THE BOOK COMING OUT?—- Sorry, lost myself there. Do you have an estimate on the arrival of the next book? I’ve had to get another Amazon gift card for myself just to make sure I have funds ready to go for Shattered when it drops. Soon I hope. Thank you for your consideration, and know that these shakes and mood swings are not totally your fault: the editors and cover artists get some blame too. Anticipation… anticipation … is making me wait.( that should be accompanied by music, Joanie Mitchell, I think)

  2. Terry

    I’ll be uploading it to Amazon over the weekend. :) Then it’s up to them, and typically takes a few days. But I’ll send out a newsletter as soon as I see that it’s available. They’ll email me when they release it, but it takes a little while for it to propagate through their servers.

    Isn’t that Carly Simon? Did you ever see that Saturday Night Live fake commercial where they used that song for a catsup-like product created from sludge from a polluted lake? Good grief. Now I have to go look it up.

    And I’m going to have that song in my head.

    But seriously, Ron, thanks so much for being so patient, and for being such a great supporter. I really appreciate it.

  3. Ronald Dukarski

    Yup, Carley Simon. It’s my poor addled mind slipping. Looking forward to shattered. Thanks and all my best.

  4. Ronald Dukarski

    My dear Ms. Green, I just received the most astounding e-mail. I’m flabbergasted! Thank you ever so much. However, doing this sort of thing will not make you you a rich author. I know, I know, you write for the sake of writing. But sales pay the rent. So, I’m paying it forward, and purchasing the series for my grandson as a gift. Not having read Shattered yet, I’m hoping it doesn’t go beyond PG-13 (he’s only 11).

    By the way, I live in Essexville Michigan, and am only 1/4 mile from the southern most point of the Saginaw Bay. We have our own form of Swill similar to Lake Erie’ s , and I ain’t drinkin’ that stuff! I did enjoy the fake commercial. And the song sticks in my head, too.

    I’m awaiting your next endeavor . Please keep us posted. I’ll be checking back on your postings . Until then, thank you again.

    1. Terry

      Hi Ron!

      Yes, it’s PG-13 all the way. :) I made the decision years ago to keep my books Young Adult safe.

      Thank you so much for buying it for your grandson! I so appreciate that. You really are paying it forward. And thanks for always checking in.

      Off to swill some coffee,


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