Excerpt from Shattered

Today, courtesy of┬áthe New Podler Review, there’s an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released novel Shattered, the third book in the White World trilogy.


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  1. I’ve rea the exerpt, it’s a good teaser. But Ms Green, WHEN’S THE BOOK COMING OUT?—- Sorry, lost myself there. Do you have an estimate on the arrival of the next book? I’ve had to get another Amazon gift card for myself just to make sure I have funds ready to go for Shattered when it drops. Soon I hope. Thank you for your consideration, and know that these shakes and mood swings are not totally your fault: the editors and cover artists get some blame too. Anticipation… anticipation … is making me wait.( that should be accompanied by music, Joanie Mitchell, I think)

  2. I’ll be uploading it to Amazon over the weekend. :) Then it’s up to them, and typically takes a few days. But I’ll send out a newsletter as soon as I see that it’s available. They’ll email me when they release it, but it takes a little while for it to propagate through their servers.

    Isn’t that Carly Simon? Did you ever see that Saturday Night Live fake commercial where they used that song for a catsup-like product created from sludge from a polluted lake? Good grief. Now I have to go look it up.

    And I’m going to have that song in my head.

    But seriously, Ron, thanks so much for being so patient, and for being such a great supporter. I really appreciate it.

  3. Yup, Carley Simon. It’s my poor addled mind slipping. Looking forward to shattered. Thanks and all my best.

  4. My dear Ms. Green, I just received the most astounding e-mail. I’m flabbergasted! Thank you ever so much. However, doing this sort of thing will not make you you a rich author. I know, I know, you write for the sake of writing. But sales pay the rent. So, I’m paying it forward, and purchasing the series for my grandson as a gift. Not having read Shattered yet, I’m hoping it doesn’t go beyond PG-13 (he’s only 11).

    By the way, I live in Essexville Michigan, and am only 1/4 mile from the southern most point of the Saginaw Bay. We have our own form of Swill similar to Lake Erie’ s , and I ain’t drinkin’ that stuff! I did enjoy the fake commercial. And the song sticks in my head, too.

    I’m awaiting your next endeavor . Please keep us posted. I’ll be checking back on your postings . Until then, thank you again.

    1. Hi Ron!

      Yes, it’s PG-13 all the way. :) I made the decision years ago to keep my books Young Adult safe.

      Thank you so much for buying it for your grandson! I so appreciate that. You really are paying it forward. And thanks for always checking in.

      Off to swill some coffee,


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