Cover Reboot & Book 3

iced-2-300x483I cannot leave good enough alone!

As the look of the covers for Books 2 and 3 of the White World series evolved, I decided to reboot the cover for Book 1. Though I adored seeing Thirteen up close in the first version, this cover is a way better fit for the series. My hat is off, once again, to the amazing Tom Edwards.

And speaking of Book 3, the first round of edits are back in my hands. I’m typing away on the second draft, bringing all the threads to a close. The end of summer is still looking good for a publication date, even after my computer blew up last week.

Sanity, thy name is multiple backups. Knock wood.

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  1. As Isaak Asimov pointed out, the spirits of today have left the wood and now inhabit today’s choice of habitat… plastic. In any case, knock wood or plastic or anything that may insure benevolence. And God speed the final edits.

    1. If Isaak Asimov says it, it has to be true. :) I kind of like to think of those little forest spirit people from Princess Mononoke ratcheting their heads and making those ticking sounds in my credit card.

      The final edits continue apace! The summer season has revealed that my editors have real lives, as in things to do that don’t involve my manuscripts. I know! I’m shocked, I tell you, shocked. ;) But since my obsession doesn’t allow me to stop writing, I’ve just finished outlining another book.

      Book 3 of the White World series is right now with my literary editor (in France). Then it’ll come back to me for a couple of weeks (Los Angeles). Then it’ll fly to my copyeditor (the northeast) for a few weeks. Then back to me again so I can hit the publish button. These books really get around!

      I have a question for you, Ron, if you don’t mind. I sometimes think I should write an entire series and release it all at once. It would mean several months between series of course. As a reader, if you had your druthers, which would you like more: a book every few months or a series once a year?

  2. I like to read a completed story or series in one fell swoop. When reading a series, I often cue up all the books I’ve purchased to date and read them in order so when I do start the latest entry I’m all caught up and can easily recall the story line. However you would be taking the chance that the cost of the entire series or arc would be prohibitive to the casual reader. It’s become difficult to find stand alone novels in the fantasy/sci-fi genre. Trilogies seem to work best, at least for me. Three books seem to allow enough room to develop characters and storyline and a conclusion without dragging it out ad nauseam or developing a character that becomes too godlike. It also presents a cost effective and timely turnover for an author. Will this work? Dunno. Wish I could see the future, but if I could, I’d already know what happens to Thirteen. And I wouldn’t be anticipating III as much as I am. Whatever you decide, Good luck and good reviews. Ron

    1. I’m of the same mind, as a reader, although I didn’t used to be. Once upon a time, I started the Dune series with Children of Dune. Just kind of jumped right in and started reading. Then had to backtrack to start the series. But now I’d rather see that the series is complete, in audiobook. I like trilogies as well, though I’ve read some series that went beyond. I think there comes a point where the series tires itself out, or is taking off in a different direction and it doesn’t seem like the same world any more.

      Thanks for weighing in on it! I appreciate hearing your opinion. We’ll just have to see what Thirteen has up her thermal sleeve. :)

  3. Terry if I might piggy-back on here I like to get all of a series at one time and read through them in order. But hey you are the author and the one having to pay your bills, not me, so whatever makes financial and artistic sense to you is what you should do. We will adapt.


    1. Hi again, Dave!

      Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I totally agree that it’s nice to read a series through in order. I’m seriously thinking of releasing the next books at the same time for a few reasons. 1. Artistically, it’s easier. I can diddle previous books unendingly (it doesn’t necessarily make them better, but I can fix boo boos). 2. Financially, it doesn’t matter–yet. For Amazon to take notice of me and promote my books with their massive book machine, I’d have to release a book a month, or at least every other month. I haven’t managed that yet. I have yet to hit critical mass as well. 3. There’s less pressure for everyone involved with the books to hit my milestones.

      That said, I think there might be readers out there who just watch the books accumulate, and then read when there are enough. I also think there are readers who just read books as they’re available. Back in the day, I used to do that. If Anne McCaffrey didn’t have her next Pern book ready, maybe Ursula K. LeGuin would have an Earthsea book. I’d just take what I could get. :)

      So I’m on the fence about it. But thanks for piggy-backing. It’s great to hear a reader’s perspective!

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