Iced in a Free Bundle This Month

bundleTo celebrate Eastercon (the British national science fiction convention), Iced is part of a free bundle this month! I’m so pleased to join other fantasy and science fiction authors in this set of four very different books sponsored by Strange Charm, the book review site that focuses on speculative fiction by women.

Make sure to download the bundle soon because at the end of April it vanishes–like the Devil Wind on White World at dawn.

4 Comments on “Iced in a Free Bundle This Month”

  1. Ms. Green, if the editors are holding the 2nd Ice book for ransom, maybe we could all pitch in…

    Patiently waiting (sort of)

    Ron Dukarski

    1. Ha! Lucky for me, my editors move with both alacrity and sureness. But I use two: a literary editor and a copy editor. Plus I do drafts in-between. My process this year is longer, but the end product is better.

      But if you’d like to pitch in, I have a virtual tin cup where I collect odd bits of change for the jelly beans and nachos that fuel my writing. Oh and also caffeine. Lots of caffeine. :)

  2. As it happens, my wife, being diabetic, has a lot of jelly beans left over from Easter(mostly black). I could ask her for a donation… How does one send jelly beans electronically?

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