Book 2 in Editorial Hands

Book 2 of the White World series is in editorial hands and I’m putting the finishing touches on the outline of Book 3. For those of you looking for a career over which you can obsess, be a workaholic, and have people encouraging you to do so, you might want to consider writing.


This is a snippet from the cover of Book 2, done by the awesome Tom Edwards. Run, Thirteen, run!

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  1. My dear Ms. Green,

    I just finished “Iced” . After having completed Olivia’ s saga, I didn’t expect Thirteen’ s book to be quite as exciting as it turned out to be. I finished it in less than a day. Not to be a whiner, but you’ll have to start writing much faster. I see the book has already gone to editing, maybe you’ll have to get faster editors as well. I genuinely enjoyed Thirteen’ s adventures, and I hope you’ve been able to catch the same spirit in the second book despite the hiatus between the two works. I’m very much looking forward any and all work you have planned.I sincerely thank you for the entertainment you’ve provided.
    Gratefully yours,
    Ron Dukarski
    (A reletively new and huge fan)

    1. Hi Ron,

      Thank you so much! Finished Iced in less than a day?! Good grief. That’s dedication! Yes, Book 2 is being edited right now, though due back to me shortly, and I’m writing Book 3. In fact, I just busted out of Act 1 into Act 2 and am writing as fast as fingers can move. :) Frankly, Book 3 is nearly writing itself. Thanks very much for the encouragement and for your support. Both are very much appreciated!

      All the best,


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