Shaman, Lover, Warrior Is Released!

SLW-200x300The final installment in Livvy’s techno-shaman journey has just been released!


Before the airliner can touch down, techno-shaman Olivia Lawson senses something is wrong in Los Angeles. The happy homecoming she and SK had envisioned evaporates without ever beginning.

But the greatest blow comes from old friends, as well as a few persistent enemies. In Livvy’s absence, not only has the shaman world changed but so have the people.

As Livvy struggles to hold on to loved ones, her past and future unexpectedly collide. Caught between the Multiverse and the real world, and saving herself or doing right, Livvy learns a final truth: the real measure of love isn’t fighting for someone, it’s dying for them.


Available this very instant at the following:

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Happy reading, everyone! It’s a sad kind of happy to see the series complete. :)