Book 5 Edits Underway

The first round of edits for Book 5 in the Olivia Lawson Techno-Shaman series are underway! This is my chance to bump the story up and nail the characters down. So often, for me, the first draft goes by in a blur. I literally don’t remember what I wrote. But in the subsequent drafts, I take my time–of necessity. In the first draft, my goal is to dump the story in my head onto ‘paper.’ In later drafts, my goal is to make the story clear.

But as the last drafts approach, just before and after beta readers have provided their critical insights, my goal becomes distinctly different. I write for the reader. I try to look at the manuscript through a reader’s eyes and imagine what would absolutely delight a reader, not me. This whole writing thing is pretty darn fun!

So, the last rounds of editing are in progress and I’m on target for a (late) summer release! Cover reveal to come!