Book 5 to Beta Readers

The day that beta readers thought would never come has, at long last, come! I shall now await their comments and then commence rewrites, before sending the final Olivia Lawson novel to my editor.

Writing a novel is a long process and beta readers are critical to the finished version. By the time I’m done with the umpteenth draft, I quite literally don’t have a clue about whether the novel works or not. My editor has put it kindly when he alludes to the fact that writers are trying to get the story out of their head and onto paper. I find that sometimes it doesn’t all make it.

In a way, that’s not a bad thing. The story that I write and the one that readers experience aren’t the same anyway. They make the stories and characters their own. I’m continually amazed at reader’s insights.

So there you have it, the latest news in the techno-shaman universe. Book 5 is still on track for a summer release!