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EDITED 6/2/14: The podcast has been retired. Thanks to everyone who listened and cut this author a whole lot of slack! More in my comment below.


You know there’s a podcast of the first book, right? It’s like a free audiobook, except it’s read by me. An actress I am not, but at least I know the material! I also just realized it’s doing pretty well at iTunes. All I can say is that listeners are awfully nice and really willing to cut an author a break when they read their own work. I can’t argue with five out of five stars. I have links to it from the sidebar.

Shaman Healer Heretic podcast.

You can find the podcast at Podiobooks.com and also at iTunes. Thanks for the tip, Evo!

3 Comments on “Podcast Doing Well”

  1. Here’s a tip, MTG: links in the side bar don’t get picked up as “fresh links”. It’s great to have, but when you make a post like this, including a link in the body of the post gives it a little more of a boost. That, and people who may be subscribed to your RSS feed don’t have immediate access to your sidebar content.

    Food for thought. Thanks again for letting us host SHH!


  2. Oh, thanks, Evo!

    I’ll change that.

    I must say I’m impressed with whatever means you’re using to monitor mentions of the podcast. Then again, maybe you just work hard. And that would also be impressive.

    Thanks again,


  3. After a fun three year run and 70k downloads of 22 episodes, the podcast has been retired. Thanks so much to Podiobooks.com for hosting it and being so supportive!

    It was great to connect with listeners, and I’m looking forward to doing more of that in the future. I’m an avid listener of audiobooks because, with my writing schedule, I don’t make time to read. To that end, there’ll be some exciting news coming up this summer!

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