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"I could not put this book down. Olivia and I greeted the dawn together over the last few pages of this amazing adventure."
-Tenar McAaron

Terrific Series!

"Great storylines and rich characters who develop within and over the stories."
- Jack V. Johnson

THIS book...

"...could easily open a fresh new world of urban fantasy."
- Publishers Weekly
Shaman Healer Heretic
Shaman Healer Heretic

Shaman, Healer, Heretic (Book One)

Olivia Lawson is a modern-day shaman who just wants to make the rent. But as techno-shamans around her inexplicably die, Livvy must defy centuries of prohibitions in a desperate bid to survive. As she clashes with other shamans and fends off real-world vigilantes, Livvy ultimately understands that the rules are there for a reason and breaking them has a terrible cost.
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Shaman Friend Enemy

Shaman, Friend, Enemy (Book Two)

Despite vaulting to rock star status, techno-shaman Olivia Lawson’s personal life skids to a stop. Forced to confront the secret of her beginning in shamanism, Livvy’s single-minded quest to heal the past puts her on a collision course with those dearest to her. No longer interested in walking a fine line, Livvy discovers that–when the one thing you need is the one thing you can’t have–you’ll risk everything.
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Shaman Sister Sorceress

Shaman, Sister, Sorceress (Book Three)

Even the peaceful Hopi villages of the Arizona mesas won’t give Livvy the break she needs. Drawn into an ancient and bitter conflict, techno-shaman Olivia Lawson struggles to do what’s right. But when an unexpected chance to be with the man she loves materializes, Livvy finds that, where choice begins, innocence ends.
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Shaman Priestess Pawn

Shaman, Priestess, Pawn (Book Four)

In the heartland of the ancient Maya, techno-shaman Olivia Lawson isn’t just an oddity, she’s an outcast. Among ultra-clandestine shamans long thought to be extinct, plans hide within plans. As she and SK navigate treacherous waters, her pursuit of wisdom quickly descends into a race for survival. Driven to find her own path, Livvy must accept that change isn’t just hard, it’s deadly.
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Began reading this just as a way to pass the time. Ended by staying up too late just to get one more chapter. — Dev B., Amazon

I just finished “Shaman, Healer, Heretic” – the first book in the Techno-Shaman series by M. Terry Green. I LOVED this book! It was unique and different from everything else I read in Urban Fantasy so far. I’ve read a lot about vampires, ghosts, shapeshifters … you know… the usual – but a techno-shaman that uses technologically enhanced goggles? How cool is that? — Bookworm, Amazon

I really love how this story unfolded. I loved SK in this one even more than the last. He is such a great guy. Min was wonderful and I love that we even got to see Ursula, Mamacita and Alvina again and meet some new people as well, both good and bad. — My Guilty Obsession, Amazon



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