Welcome to the Multiverse

Wow! Just wow!

"I could not put this book down. Olivia and I greeted the dawn together over the last few pages of this amazing adventure."
-Tenar McAaron

Terrific Series!

"Great storylines and rich characters who develop within and over the stories."
- Jack V. Johnson

THIS book...

"...could easily open a fresh new world of urban fantasy."
- Publishers Weekly
Shaman Healer Heretic


I really love how this story unfolded. I loved SK in this one even more than the last. He is such a great guy. Min was wonderful and I love that we even got to see Ursula, Mamacita and Alvina again and meet some new people as well, both good and bad. — My Guilty Obsession, Amazon

Awesome story…. once you begin the first book you will be hooked right on thru to the latest one! I found the main character to be very real and down to earth. Without giving any of the story away, let me just say that I cannot see anyone who would not enjoy reading each and every one of these books (in the series)! — A. Phillips, Amazon

Loved it. What a fun series this is! It has a little bit of everything and is a wonderful example of urban fantasy. The best part of this book, the second in the series, is the relationship development between Livvy and SK. — V. Cano, Amazon



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